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  • Can I use scented beads in the dryer?
    No, the scented beads melt into the lint trays and are fire hazards.
  • Do you accept cash payments?
    We are operating as a cashless shop. Payments can be made by card at the kiosk or by Apple and Google pay via the QR codes.
  • Do you accept card payment?
    Yes we only use card payment services at the shop
  • Can I put items that had oil on them in the dryers? (massage towels, kitchen towels or mechanic clothing)
    As a general rule No, the oil from the fabric heats in the dryer and will catch fire. Picture below is a fire caused by towels used at a massage parlor and had oil on them.
  • Do your machines have their own detergent?
    No our machines are set up so you can use your own preferred detergent. Detergent is available for purchase.
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